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Hot Spots for Building Cleaning in the Summer


Dec 21, 2022

Every professional cleaner’s favorite is the long days and warm rays of summer sunshine. It can be the best season to clean and dry fixtures quickly. In addition, fewer chances of rain enable cleaners to work longer without interruption.

Instead of spending more on repair work and replacements, look after your assets with correct maintenance. Benefit from excellent weather conditions during the summertime to get your properties spick and span for the coming seasons. Aside from beautification, a professional cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your precious properties.

Where and What to Clean

Maximize the season with expert cleaning professionals if you own commercial property. A little summer love on your property can last a long way. With just three months of this season, here are some recommendations on what sort of cleaning to schedule this summertime.

Outdoor Power Washing

Professional cleaners utilize a lot of power washing in their projects and can guarantee proper waste disposal. This effective method conserves time and energy, and quick cleaning can save you money on repair work.

Power washing can remove mud, dust, moss, algae, oil, etc., from outdoor surfaces. Get patio areas, tables, driveways, and walls cleaned early in the summer. It can get rid of all the residue from the rough rains and pollutants from the past season.

Awning Cleaning

Aside from shielding your customers and workers from sun and rain, this adds visibility and appeal to your business. Cleaning and maintenance can increase its lifespan. Professional cleaners can manage whatever type– fabric, glass, or metal– to guarantee people can see your colors and brand sparkle on the brighter days.

Roof Clean-up

Roofings are made with differing materials. Algae, lichen, and mold can grow on any type but may be easier to take off. Power washing can easily clean metal roofing like the ones used for carports. A clean roof also makes gutter and downspout repairs easier, ensuring water will go where it is expected to go. To clean is so much better than to replace carport roof parts, which were damaged because of neglect.

Roof moss, nevertheless, grows readily on roofs with shingles. Moss will fill spaces and soak up water that can eventually reach under the roof. Negligence can result in mold in the insulating layers and crawl spaces. The warmth and lack of rain make moss inactive and easier to remove in the summer.

Trash Chute Washing

As the days become warmer, debris left in the chutes will stink and attract pests. Correct cleaning can also wipe out combustible debris and eliminate the health threat caused by bacteria and organisms living in dirty chutes. It won’t have any cosmetic benefit, but ensuring cleanliness can help avoid legal issues.

Exterior Wood Siding Treatments

Summer is the very best time to get wood siding inspected for damage produced by mold growth, bugs, or birds. The warm weather ensures faster drying after washing so that repairs and sealing can be done instantly. Improper handling can, however, damage the wood, so rely on the specialists to get things.

Dryer Vent Clearing

Lint is among the most typical fire hazards and can obstruct dryer vents, making them inefficient. Also, warm and fuzzy lint attracts birds to nest in the vents. Dryer vents cleaning is best to get in the summer season or at the beginning of fall.

Clearing the ducts this time of the year ensures much better airflow and dryer effectiveness to prepare for much heavier and fuzzier winter clothes. Likewise, birds might have started migrating, so it will be simpler to clean up the vents.

Parking Garage and Fleet Washing

Businesses that own a fleet of vans, trucks, and other vehicles can likewise benefit from professional cleaning services. Fleet truck washing services in Portland guarantee excellent results. Contractors have the complete equipment for power washing off the grime and grease from your garage floors and vehicles.