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Instances Calling for Immediate Dental Care


Dec 24, 2022

Although tooth pain can make anyone insane, some prefer to take pain medications and avoid going to the dentist. But there are times when prompt action is needed to save the tooth and to take proper care of dental health.

Dental emergencies are often caught by surprise and require immediate attention from dental experts. The danger of permanent harm increases, while the price of needed treatments increases when dental emergencies are not treated. This is why you should seek immediate care from an emergency dentist to protect your tooth from future problems.

Recognizing Dental Emergencies

Most dental issues are not significant and can be addressed at home. It is not necessary to make an appointment with your dentist until your twice-yearly examination and cleaning. However, there are occasions when more pressing issues need to be addressed quickly. Since dental emergencies can strike anytime, knowing when to contact a dentist can be crucial.

1. Abscess

An abscess is an infection that may develop on the gums at the tooth’s root or spaces between teeth. Abscesses can be painful, and they can result in tooth loss. Infections usually result from gum disease that is not treated. Abscesses can also be caused by trauma to the mouth, leading to a tooth being broken or chipped.

The infection could proliferate and inflict damage on teeth and tissues. Abscesses in the mouth are often accompanied by symptoms such as foul breath, fever, or unpleasant taste in your mouth, pus, and swollen glands.

2. Severe Toothache

In an unintentional toothache, it is possible to find relief using non-prescription pain relief. But if you suffer from severe toothaches, you must see a family dental care facility. There are signs of more serious issues like dental caries, wisdom teeth, or periodontal disease could include severe or persistent tooth discomfort.

For you to improve your health quickly, To speed up recovery, emergency dentists may prescribe over-the-counter or prescription painkillers. In contrast, they’ll use x-rays or other diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of your tooth discomfort. The dentist’s formal diagnosis of the source of pain will determine the direction of treatment.

3. Gum Bleeding

If you aren’t flossing for a while, it’s normal to experience some bleeding. It’s not a dental emergency; however, it could indicate gingivitis. However, it may be time to see a dentist in the event of frequent and continuous tooth bleeding accompanied by pain in your gums.

Gums that bleed and hurt indicate the early stages of gingivitis. It is imperative to take immediate actions to protect your teeth as they are. To prevent gum disease from developing to the point that the need for an expensive implant requires early detection.

4. Broken Teeth

Numerous circumstances can cause oral trauma. It doesn’t matter whether you experience a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth in a motor vehicle accident or from a sport, and the pain can be severe and lead to further complications.

Teeth that have been damaged or broken can usually be fixed. The dentist can put pieces of broken teeth back together when your tooth is in good health. In most cases, your dentist will use a white filling to repair teeth with minor fractures or cracks. A root canal or tooth extraction and implant could be needed if your tooth is badly damaged.

For emergency dental needs, you can type in “Tencza Dental: emergency” in your search bar and connect with an emergency dentist in your area.

5. Loose or Fallen Tooth

A loose tooth is never normal for an adult. It is essential not to be ignored because it may signify something more serious, even if there is no discomfort.

The condition of your teeth could be declining. If you observe this, you should act immediately before the condition worsens. If a tooth is missing altogether, Don’t toss it out, as restorations may be performed on the tooth that has been lost.

You can also look for a facility that offers professional teeth whitening in Easton if you have problems with yellow teeth. You can likewise ask for other services the dentist can offer during your visit.

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