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Safe Driving Tips You Should Know Before You Get Behind the Wheel

ByPorsche Drive

Apr 5, 2022

Have you ever been concerned about your driving safety? If this is the case, you should take a few steps to ensure that everyone in the car is safe. Most people believe that safe driving is simply a matter of obeying the road rules. Although there are many obvious driving safety tips, others are generally overlooked. Knowing these tips will keep you safe, and you may even save your own life by following them.

Safe Driving Tips

Driving is a privilege. It is important to value our freedom and ability to travel wherever we want. With these driving safety recommendations, you can ensure that your passengers and other road users arrive at their destinations safely and sound.

1. Do not drink and drive

A person who chooses to drive under the influence is responsible for more than 30% of fatal car accidents. Call a driver if you plan to drink. This minor inconvenience will far exceed the potential for an accident if you choose to drive while drunk.

2. Be aware of your speed

Excessive speed might result in devastating accidents. Because of this, each state makes an effort to put up speed restriction signs. These limits are established based on each road’s terrain, traffic, and location. As a result, stick to the speed limits and take your time. The time you save by traveling 10 mph over the speed limit is minimal, but the danger of an accident increasing up to 50% is a real possibility.

3. Never drive while preoccupied

Don’t put on your makeup or shave while driving. Carry out these tasks at home. Another distraction that could put you in danger is eating while driving. Using a cell phone, especially while texting, is the worst possible distraction. You may think you are good at this, but it only takes a fraction of a second to ruin your own or someone else’s life. Please pull over and use your cell phone if you need to take a call or text.

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4. Always buckle up

Seatbelts indeed save lives, as the old adage goes. Nearly half of all fatal crashes involve people not wearing their seatbelts. We’ve all heard terrible stories about individuals dying because they weren’t wearing seat belts. When someone is flung from their car and collides with a pole or a tree, their chances of survival are substantially higher if they wear their seatbelt. Please buckle up if this sounds frightening to you.

5. Avoid tailgating

Allow space for those around you! The three-second rule remains in effect. Give yourself three seconds to pass the car in front of you. Things happen that lead people to come to a complete stop. Perhaps a child is chasing a ball, or a deer decides to cross the road in front of your car. You’ll need that space and time to respond to what’s going on in your environment. The three-second rule doubles if you’re in very terrible weather, such as snow, ice, or rain. Ensure your safety by driving slowly.

These tips for safe driving could save your life or someone else’s life. And, of course, being a safe driver is necessary. It’s a matter of life and death. You may be able to save your own or someone else’s life if you follow these safe driving tips.