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Treating Gum Disease With Holistic Treatments


Feb 25, 2023

A bacterial infection known as periodontal inflammation causes inflammation of the gums and bone, which support and protect the teeth. Non-invasive methods to treat gums form part of the holistic approach to treating periodontal disease. In addition to traditional techniques for removing tartar, holistic dentists use low-level laser disinfection, microscopic bacterial analyses, and nontoxic irrigation.

Holistic dentistry decreases the number of chemicals potentially harmful to expose our body to, including dental fillings, the chemicals found in over-the-counter mouthwash, and chemical compounds in food. Most people are mostly ignorant of the detrimental cumulative adverse effects these chemical compounds could have.

Holistic Treatments for Periodontal Disease

Allowing periodontal disease to advance could harm all aspects of your dental health. It is good to know that patients have numerous options for restoring their healthy gums, including urgent dental care and holistic treatments that improve the natural ability of your gums to heal and protect against illness.

Ozone Therapy

Oral bacteria that grow on your teeth and gums are the leading cause of periodontal diseases. Certain types of bacteria focus on the periodontal tissue in your mouth, causing inflammation and infections, eventually killing the tissues.

However, harmful oral bacteria could be present without oxygen since they are anaerobic or oxygen-dependent. To fight off the gum-destroying bacteria, treatment with ozone involves injecting oxygen into the gums that are unhealthy.

Ozone molecules reach directly into the gum tissue infected to look towards and infiltrate any infection pockets. Ozone therapy is frequently utilized in conjunction with laser gum treatments to help manage the condition and remove irreparable infected gum tissue. Ozone therapy is often used to aid in healing following any laser treatment for gums. Visit a periodontist website to check them now.

Perio Tray Therapy

Your periodontist may also advise Perio tray therapy, a regular maintenance procedure that utilizes a safe and solid antibacterial medicine to provide better results in fighting bacteria. If your periodontist recommends a Perio tray, you may use a personalized set of trays to apply the therapy to your gums daily. Between visits with your periodontist, it is possible to reduce gum inflammation and slow down or stop the course of the disease with standard treatment.

Due to the medicine employed to treat your gums, Perio tray treatments require a prescription. The trays are designed especially for your mouth; a dentist must fit them. The perfect fit guarantees that the medication works appropriately and only reaches the gums without escaping or entering the mouth. Like dental veneers, the Perio tray is also non-invasive.

Platelet-Rich Therapy

Enhancing your periodontal tissue’s ability to protect itself from harmful microorganisms is an additional aspect of holistic periodontal treatment. The platelets present in your blood, which are the regenerative components of your blood cells, provide your gums the ability to heal. Platelets are used in platelet-rich plasma and fibrin treatments to accelerate the healing process of your gums.

To encourage the renewal of the tissues in your mouth while feeling the consequences of periodontal disease, the treatment uses plates that naturally promote the development and growth of healthier tissue. Promoting the development of healthy tissues can be essential for treating your periodontal issues, and eliminating damaged and diseased tissues can help control your illness.

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