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Your Guide to Modular Barricades


Dec 4, 2022

Modular barricades for shops and retail stores are essential because they provide a secure and safe environment for clients and staff, protect merchandise from burglary, and promote a positive shopping experience. As a business owner, choosing the right type and layout of barricades will directly impact how you present yourself and your business.

1. Size and Shape

You have to decide on the size and shape of the barricade that will best fit the room available in your shop. Modular barricades come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small models that provide just enough coverage for buyers to bigger models that can be used as divider panels or barriers between different spaces of your store. Additionally, these types can be designed with personalized shapes to match your store’s layout and décor better if needed.

2. Style and Design

The style and design of the barricade are essential considerations. You want to pick a design that matches the look and feel of your shop, so it should be attractive and elegant. Many companies offer customizable designs, colors, or logo designs to help give your business a unique appeal. For example, consider a custom-designed barricade with the city’s horizon or iconic landmarks like Fenway Park if you have a boutique. 

Depending on your preferences and needs, you may even choose from various materials, such as wood, plastic, or steel. You can contact a company like graphics by BostonRS and learn how they can assist you in achieving your goals of creating an eye-catching store by adding stunning representations to your modular barricade.

3. Security Features

When picking the ideal Boston barricades for your business, consider its safety and security attributes. You want to ensure that your chosen model has an effective locking system and can not be easily moved or taken down. At the same time, try to find units with reinforced panels or bars that resist tampering or vandalism.

4. Durability

Go for a sustainable model that stands up to regular usage, weather, and other environmental elements. The most durable materials are usually steel or plastic, so be sure to consider those options when selecting a barricade.

For instance, if you expect foot traffic and very long lines outside your store, go for a metal barricade, as it is much more resistant to wear and tear. Plastic models are usually weather-resistant if you need something for outdoor use.

5. Installation Process

Consider how the barricade will be installed in your shop. Some models come pre-assembled and are ready to be installed with little work. Others require more detailed directions, like professional site survey and installation services if needed. That’s why you must understand the complexity of the installation process prior to purchasing.

6. Overall Cost

One of the significant considerations when picking a modular barricade for your business is its cost. Be sure to determine your budget and look for models that fit within it. The good thing is that many high-grade modular barricades are readily available at affordable rates, so you can find one that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

The Bottom Line

Modular barricades don’t only provide safety and security but also enhance the overall appeal of your store. With a suitable model, you can put together an inviting atmosphere that will draw in customers and make them feel welcome in your business. Some contractors offer custom designs to create a unique look for your establishment.

Consider the tips above when selecting the best modular barricade for your business, and remember to factor in cost, installation process, security features, durability, design, and size.