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Rent Increases in California: What You Need to Know


Jun 7, 2023

Are you an occupant in California worried about a possible rent rise in 2023? It’s not uncommon for residents across the state to be worried about the cost of living increases due to the economic recession and pandemic still impacting many people.

It is possible to ask how much your landlord can increase your rent in 2023. While the amount depends on several variables, recent market trends suggest it may be more than usual. As an owner, you must know your rights and guard against unjust rent increases.

All About Rent Increases in California for 2023

Being educated is essential when it comes to property rental. This section will provide an overview of the rent growth anticipated in California for 2023.

Market Developments?

California’s rental market has experienced significant changes in recent years due to the COVID-19 epidemic. More people opt to rent instead of purchasing houses, which has led to a massive demand for rental homes.

Also, there are fewer places to rent because landlords have to sell their homes or convert them into short-term rentals. Since there aren’t as many rentals and many who want them, the market has become more competitive, giving landlords more control over the price of their rent. You can follow link and get in touch with a reputable property management company to handle your relations and transactions related to your property.

Notice for Rent

Before a landlord can increase rent, they must give their tenants written notice of the rent increase they want to implement. The notice must state the amount and when it will take effect. The notice must be given 30 days in advance for tenants who rent monthly and at least sixty days in advance to tenants with a more extended rental agreement.

If a tenant objects to the increase in rent, they have the right to talk to their landlord about the issue or submit a claim to the local rent control agency. Firms providing property management in San Carlos CA, ensure that all transactions are legal. Property managers abide by the law, rules, and regulations of the state.

Law on Rent Control

California passed an act in 2019 that regulates how much rent may be assessed throughout the state. The law stipulates that landlords aren’t allowed to increase the rent by more than 5 percent or inflation (up to 10 10%) each year. Per this rule, landlords can only increase the rent once per year. This only applies to homes 15 years old or older and does not cover single-family houses, duplexes, condos, or condominiums. 

You can visit websites like https://www.peninsulapropertymanagers.com/pacifica-property-management/ to know the guidelines for rent on your real property. You can also avail of the services of a property management firm to handle your leasing business.

2019 Tenant Protection Act

Tenants should be informed in writing about their rights and when they can expect to be kicked out. If a tenant is given an expulsion notice, they can go to court and get an attorney to challenge it. Additionally, this law stipulates that landlords shouldn’t be able to remove tenants without a valid reason if they fail to pay rent, violate lease rules, or damage the property they rent.


Landlords must still abide by the laws and regulations of their state. Remember that they can only raise the rent once a year and must provide you with written notice at least 30 days prior. If the increase seems unjustified, you can negotiate with your landlord or file a complaint with your regional rent-control agency. In addition, the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 provides tenants with additional protections, including the option to contest an eviction notice in court.

As a tenant, you must understand your rights and keep updated on developments in the rental market. Doing this will protect you financially and assure you that you will pay a fair price for your rental property.

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