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Ideas for Enabling Your Child Cope With Dental Anxiety


Dec 18, 2022

The fear of visiting the dentist is a common and common reaction among children. Children’s dental anxiety, like the anxiety of adults, is typically driven by apprehension over what could happen during the procedure. They’ll be unfamiliar with their doctor, dental team, and the dental office’s surroundings, sounds, and smells.

Many children, even the most outgoing and confident among them, can feel anxious or nervous when visiting the dentist due to these reasons. Since children are less likely to seek preventive dental treatment when it causes anxiety, they need to have happy dental experiences at the dentist from a young age.

Manage A Child’s Dental Fear

The children are usually anxious about visiting the dentist. If not appropriately managed, dental visits could be stressful for them. But things don’t have to be that way. Here are some things you can do as a parent to help your child conquer their fear of going to the dentist to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact the health of their mouth.

1. Inform them about what to expect.

Preparing your kids for visiting the dentist is crucial by letting them know when and what to expect. It’s not just the sight of a dentist’s clinic; talking to someone else could create anxiety. Children will be more at ease and prepared to go in if they know what they can anticipate.

In explaining what the dentist will do and how they can help your child, it is vital to use appropriate language for their age. Dental professionals are trained to respond to children’s queries in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. There’s no need to get nitty-gritty.

For your older children needing a more complicated procedure like denture implants, you must find time to read about it online.

2. Choose a compassionate dentist.

If your child is suffering from dental anxiety, take them to a dentist who will care for them with compassion and respect. They can reassure children that they understand their concerns without passing judgment.

Talk to them, so they can understand your child’s situation and create a strategy that works for them. They can empathize, customize care to each individual, and help ease stress. These customized dental plans reduce anxiety and save time at dental appointments.

You can click here and learn about the traits a compassionate dentist has to have.

3. Discuss your positive dental experiences.

To help prepare your child for the dentist, tell stories of your time there. Do not talk about any deep dental procedures like root canals at this time. Inform them that visits to the dentist for checking-ups and cleanings are not painful. The dentist should be able to be friendly and also how easy it is to trust them to maintain your dental hygiene.

Please bring your child along to the dentist the next time so that they can be able to observe the procedure. Inform the dentist in advance of your plans so they can make the appropriate arrangements.

4. They can bring along their favorite toy or object.

Is there anything that soothes your child, like a special toy, blanket, or other object? There’s no harm in letting kids bring it with them on their trip to the dentist. Dentists understand the importance of a “security blanket” for children in stressful situations.

Eventually, your kid won’t need the safety blanket as much. However, for the moment, it’s OK to use it.

5. Use books or other resources to assist.

Going to the dentist could be difficult for children to grasp until an adult explains the process. Kids who are taught with familiar characters are much more effective and engaging. It’s fantastic that children today have access to various comics and books, including visits to dentists. Use them to your advantage.

Certain cartoons contain films that aid children in getting ready for dental appointments. They feature friendly, bright characters and simple dialogue to help children relax.

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