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Biological Dentistry: Benefits You Can Get


Dec 29, 2022

Biological Dentistry is a groundbreaking strategy that prioritizes preventative care and alternative treatments for the whole body and oral health. It discourages invasive procedures, mercury, and other toxins or medication with adverse reactions.

Bio-dentists can aid you in preventing the onset or progression of illnesses via dietary modifications and non-pharmaceutical therapies. They also deal with more obscure systemic diseases that originate in poor dental health.

A biological dentist can provide patients with a customized treatment tailored to their dental requirements. You can enjoy all the advantages of traditional dental treatment without any adverse effects. They’ll ensure that each substance they employ is compatible with the body’s chemistry.

Benefits of Biological Dentistry

Bio-dentistry is becoming more popular as a dental procedure as more people become conscious of the benefits of holistic dentistry. With a focus on using materials that are non-toxic Biological dentistry is a way to integrate the procedures used in conventional dental practices. This approach is based on the idea that the effects of dental toxins could affect your health. Visit a website like https://houstonbiologicaldentist.com/ for additional information.

Mercury-Free Dental Materials

Mercury is among the most prominent toxins that can be found in dental filling and crown materials. Mercury comprises 50% of popular amalgam, usually known as silver fillings. Unwanted autoimmunity responses have been associated with mercury poisoning.

Because amalgam fillings could cause adverse reactions in certain people, dentistry avoids using them. Biocompatible fillings for cavities, such as composite resin, porcelain, dental gold, zirconium, and glass ionomer, can be used as alternatives to amalgam fillings.


Dental professionals who are biological do not use fluoride. Research has proven that fluoride prevents and treats tooth decay; it’s a neurotoxin when consumed.

The adverse effects of fluoride poisoning, both chronic and acute and acute, are a matter of increasing worry. In the first year of life, fluoride exposure can increase the risk of a child developing ADHD and autistic disorders. Additionally, kids’ IQ scores have fallen in areas with fluoridated water.

Focus On Whole-Body Health

The goal for biological dentists is total body wellness. They are concerned with how your dental and overall well-being affects you as a whole person.

Being aware that poor oral health will lead to almost every systemic disease. Dental specialists trained in biology always look for a link between poor dental and general health. Cosmetic dentistry by a biological dentist is also recommended.

Focus on Prevention

The main goal of biological dentists is to prevent dental and general health problems. They prefer to recognize risk factors and treat the pain gently before it escalates to an issue requiring treatment that is not a good idea instead of being forced into a corner to deal with an oral health issue.

Traditional dentists generally think you should apply fluoride to the tooth to cure a cavity instead of teaching their patients how the tooth developed. The most effective method of biological dentists is to prevent.

Natural and Least Invasive

Dental therapists who are biological prefer fewer surgical techniques and treatments that are natural. This means they only use dental materials that won’t negatively affect the health of your mouth or overall health.

Dental procedures can be excruciating and have unforeseen consequences. Biodiversity dentistry often favors non-invasive, non-traumatic methods like lasers, ozone, and laser treatment.

Uses Ozone Therapy

It is a gentle procedure used by biological dentists to clean teeth of harmful plaque, yeast, viruses, and other harmful bacteria. Ozone is a great way to clean surfaces, kill germs and lessen chronic inflammation.

The immune system is activated and cleansed with the help of ozone. Bio-dentists apply ozone to those affected in a manner that shouldn’t endanger you or the environment. 

It is never too late to seek treatment for gum disease. With laser techniques, the removal of diseased tissue is virtually painless. Laser and ozone therapy provide superior sanitization of periodontal pockets. You can see more here and additional details on gum disease.

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