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Full Mouth Reconstruction Benefits: What You Need to Know


Jan 4, 2023

Full mouth restoration refers to any dental treatment technique that fixes oral health disorders affecting all teeth in the mouth. After full mouth restoration, several patients feel substantially better concerning their smile and appearance. However, the advantages differ depending on the person’s particular treatment goals. Some of the most generally reported advantages include a better smile, the opportunity to eat whatever the patient wants, healthier teeth, and the remedy of periodontal disease symptoms. So, why should you get a full mouth reconstruction?

Why Consider a Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth reconstruction is an extensive oral rehabilitation technique incorporating a carefully designed treatment strategy to give people a permanent remedy to different tooth and periodontal problems and restore their smiles. For that reason, individuals with damaged teeth, periodontal, or jawbones that create oral health, aesthetic, or functional concerns need to identify if full mouth reconstruction is right for them. The following are four typically reported benefits of a full mouth restoration.

Restore your smile.

One primary reason dentists recommend full mouth reconstruction is to deal with numerous aesthetic problems. This may include replacing lost teeth, recovering broken teeth, and addressing the aesthetic impacts of periodontal diseases, such as a recessed jaw, periodontal discoloration, recession, and more. However, keep in mind that a full mouth restoration is not the same as a smile makeover. A smile makeover focuses solely on aesthetic difficulties, while full mouth reconstruction treats cosmetic and oral health concerns.

Enhance your oral health.

Full mouth reconstruction enhances the health and appearance of the teeth. In fact, a lot of individuals feel despair after losing or having several teeth seriously damaged. As a result, even if every tooth in the mouth is gone or can not be restored, a full mouth reconstruction is essential to restore the patient’s teeth and enable them to display a natural and healthy smile. The reconstructive procedure begins with an extensive evaluation and analysis of the patient’s oral cavity through services like an excellent dental care in Fairfield CT, to determine the most effective restoration course.

Deal with functionality problems.

Patients with significant missing teeth and damage may discover it extra difficult to eat as they would with healthy teeth. This often causes people to eat soft foods or avoid certain mouth parts sensitive to pressure. While healthy eating routines are constantly promoted, patients who undergo full teeth restoration may eat anything they want with their new teeth. Moreover, dental services such as dentures and implants can help restore the mouth and teeth to their initial state, allowing patients to eat harder foods without worrying about affecting their teeth or experiencing discomfort.

Treat and reverse gum disease symptoms.

Gum disease is among the most rampant concerns during full mouth reconstruction. When periodontal disease progresses to periodontitis, it may result in bone loss within the jaw, stained gums, gum recession, and deep periodontal pockets that put teeth at risk of being lost. The primary objective of full mouth restoration is to treat and take care of periodontal disease over time. You can check out this link to find cosmetic dentistry procedures that may treat your gum disease.

Final Thoughts

Full mouth restoration intends to rebuild the mouth to bring back excellent oral health and attractiveness. Combining treatments and preventative upkeep helps guarantee that a patient’s dental health is appropriately maintained and their teeth stay strong and healthy. For that reason, through an extensive approach to full mouth reconstruction, patients might rest assured that their oral concerns are under control and their dental health is guaranteed for years to come.

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