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What Are the Common Orthodontic Emergencies?


Jan 18, 2023

While braces aren’t only for teenagers, they indicate adolescence. Everyone wants a gorgeous smile, and we are seeing an increase in older and adult populations investing in their teeth using braces. You may sometimes require an emergency orthodontist if you’re an adult or an infant.

If you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, you know that getting comfortable wearing braces or a retainer can take some time. Most patients will suffer from minor pains and aches, particularly as their teeth shift and move into the optimal alignment. While the treatment is ongoing, it is more likely to happen.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Indeed, orthodontic emergencies are rare; however, they can happen often. A plan for dealing with the issues will help you deal with them less stressful and aid you in knowing what steps you should follow if these situations occur. Consult a trusted orthodontist to learn more about orthodontic emergencies.

Food Stuck in Braces Causing Pain

Sometimes, food particles could get stuck between a band of the gum or tooth and cause pain. Contact your dentist if you cannot remove it by flossing, brushing, or using a toothpick.

To ensure your comfort, if you call your orthodontist within regular office hours, they will likely schedule your appointment for the next day. A couple of days or one week is usually enough for discomfort that isn’t too serious.

Mouth Sores

There is a possibility of experiencing some mouth discomfort after the braces are initially put in. After a few weeks, you may experience difficulty biting or chewing, and your teeth could be swollen. The best option is to eat soft meals until the discomfort caused by chewing has gone away.

Swollen or painful gums can be relieved by drinking warm saltwater. After thoroughly cleansing your mouth with the warm saltwater solution, you will feel calmer and more relaxed.

Poking Wire

The dentist will examine you to ensure no wires poke or damage your gums before the conclusion of your first session and often after. There may be additional wires, which could cause it to poke your mouth as your teeth move.

In most cases, you don’t have to consult your dental professional about repairing the gums poked by a wire. The portion of the wire sticking out needs to be waxed. You can use a cotton swab if you cannot get wax.

You can also use a pencil eraser that has been scrubbed and press down on the wire till it’s in line with the bracket and no longer pricking your face. This will prevent it from creating irritation to your skin. Schedule an appointment with your orthodontist if the wire is protruding to the point of cutting the skin. Orthodontics for adults offers different services you might need.

Broken Retainer

You’ll be able to remember the sound of the retainer being smashed for an extended time. Examining your retainer should be the first thing you do following the initial shock of discovering that it’s broken.

You can purchase a mouthguard at a store that sells it over the counter if you cannot schedule your appointment to see an orthodontist immediately. You can also purchase an interim retainer that you can use until the time of your appointment. Consult an excellent dentist for kids to know more about your children’s dental health.

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