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5 Foods That Can Endanger Your Dental Health


Dec 24, 2022

Just as certain foods can make people overweight or malnourished, many foods may upset the stomach. Even the nutrients in particular foods the body nourishes can negatively affect one’s teeth. While healthy teeth may rely on expert dental care and excellent dental hygiene habits, some foods must be avoided to maintain a shinier and healthier smile. So, what foods must you avoid to keep your teeth in optimal condition?

Foods You Should Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Although the famous phrase, “you are what you eat,” is mainly targeted at a person’s appearance or health with what they eat, it can also reflect on an individual’s gum and teeth health. Prevention is the only successful way to maintain a bright smile and healthy teeth. To keep your teeth healthy, avoid munching on the five foods listed below, or at least practice moderation should you crave them.

1. Chewy candy

While there may not be a single person on earth that doesn’t eat candies, it’s an instant recipe for dental cavities and tooth decay. It’s chewy and may get stuck between the teeth, which can be challenging to eliminate. The harmful bacteria in the mouth emit acidic byproducts in the mouth as it feeds on it longer. This wears away the tooth enamel.

If you’re a parent, you must not let your child indulge in consuming candies. Be consistent in taking them to a professional dentist specializing in children’s dental care to keep their oral health in check, so you can also be advised on what foods your child must avoid eating at a young age.

2. Ice cubes

Ice is neither beverage nor food, but some people chew on it. Many people have the bad habit of munching the remaining ice after drinking their beverage. While ice doesn’t cause tartar buildup, chewing it results in significant and terrible damage to the teeth. Chewing on ice can damage the tooth enamel, and chewing on anything hard can make you vulnerable to broken, chipped, or cracked teeth.

So let the ice melt in the cup if you want to avoid a costly visit to an emergency dentist. You may check websites like https://www.usmiledentistry.ca/orangeville-dental-emergencies to learn more about the common dental emergencies requiring immediate attention.

3. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a healthy alternative to junk foods like candy, chips, and sweets. However, this can put your beautiful smile at risk. Some people may think they’re making the right choice buying dried fruits since it is made of fruit, after all. However, many dried fruits that can be bought in grocery stores today are coated in sugar. Since they are sticky and chewy, they might get stuck in the teeth.

If you’re craving dried fruits, brush your teeth immediately after consuming them. Also, remember to take regular trips to the dentist to maintain your pearly whites and ensure your teeth are free from any stuck food particles you may not have noticed. You may visit the U Smile Dentistry homepage to see the necessary dental care for optimal teeth health.

4. Pastries

Carbohydrate-rich foods like crackers, pastries, and bread can affect the teeth the same way sugary foods do. Starches can linger on the teeth’ surface, increasing the odds of tooth decay.

5. Pickled foods

Vinegar-rich foods can demineralize, stain, and damage tooth enamel due to their high acid content. This doesn’t mean that you should entirely stop eating pickles. Since vinegar is a significant part of the pickling process, practice eating it in moderation. Drink plenty of water after eating pickles to rinse your mouth, or eat it with less acidic foods like cheese to combat its effects.

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